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Terms & conditions


Rates are for a minimum of 24 hours rental. Additional hours will be calculated at one fifth of the daily rate, per hour up to a maximum of 5 hours. Rates include unlimited mileage, maintenance, passenger liability protection and insurance cover of third-party property damage up to RM3,000,000 and unlimited for third party bodily injuries. Rates are in Ringgit Malaysia. Rates are subject to a 8% SST (Sales and Service Tax) and change without prior notice.


Promotional Rates

No other promotions or discounts can be used concurrently with the online rate and is strictly no mileage accrual for frequent flyer or other related programs.


Driver's Age And Licence Requirements

The renter and additional drivers must be between 21 to 75 years old for normal car category vehicles and 25 to 65 years old for luxury car category vehicles and in possession of a valid national or International Driving Licence. Other nationals who hold a valid driving licence in English can drive in Malaysia for a maximum of 3 months. Probational licence holders will not be accepted.


Terms Of Payment / Deposit

All rentals are subject to a deposit to cover additional costs such as fuel or in the event of collision or damage to the vehicle. Hertz Malaysia accepts the following credit & charge cards: American Express, Visa and MasterCard (Hertz charge cards are not accepted). Third party credit cards are not accepted. The credit card presented must be in the name of the authorized renter. Hertz Malaysia reserves the right to refuse its car rental services if this term is not met. Debit card and Cash deposits are not acceptable. Debit card or cash is not acceptable as mode of payment at the counter. A deposit will be charged to the credit card prior to checking out the vehicle.


Cancellation Policy

All paid bookings cannot be cancelled and payment made are non-refundable.


Liability Reduction Option (LRO)

The renter shall be held responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle, including theft regardless of fault. In the event of an accident of theft, PROVIDED the renter has agreed to accept the LRO and make a police report within 24 hours from the time of the accident or theft, Hertz shall be entitled to charge the renter an excess fee which is in accordance with the following table ("Excess Fee"). Upon the renter's acceptance and subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in the Rental Agreement, the renter's liability is limited to the Excess Fee.


Car Group       Excess Fee       LRO Per Day    LRO Per Week

A to K              RM 2,200           RM 25              RM 175

W to Z             RM 5,300           RM 45              RM 315


Super Liability Reduction Option (SLRO)

Additional purchase of Super Liability Reduction Option will entitle the renter to zero excess.


Car Group       Excess Fee       SLRO Per Day SLRO Per Week

A to K                 Zero                RM 35               RM 245

W to Z                Zero                RM 75               RM 525


Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

The renter may also purchase Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for a coverage of up to RM150,000 at a fee of RM16 per day or RM112 per week for all cars. The PAI covers permanent disability and deaths, which includes medical expenses of RM2,000 per person per accident based on maximum seating capacity of 5 for a car or 4WD and 8 for an MPV.



Every Hertz vehicle is rented out with a full tank of fuel and must be returned the same. Otherwise, the renter will be charged for a refill upon return based on Hertz fuel tariffs.


Parking Fees And Traffic Fines

The Renter is liable for all parking and traffic fines incurred for the duration of the rental. An additional RM70 administration fee will be charged to the renter over and above any fine and penalty cost for any violation arising from the renter's use of vehicle. Hertz retains the right to charge against the renter's charge / credit card if and when payment is due for traffic fines committed by the renter, upon receiving notification from the government authorities.


Delivery and Collection Service

Delivery and collection services will be charged from RM72 and above depending on the distance and accessibility of the destination from the rental location.


Extension Of Rental

Should the renter wish to extend the rental or appoint any additional drivers, it is compulsory to advise Hertz immediately to facilitate the extension of the insurance coverage.


Rent-it-here, Leave-it-there

A repositioning charge will be levied for one-way rentals. Details on the charges and procedures will be made available at time of enquiry. This service is only applicable between Hertz location. For Luxury Segment, the service is only applicable to selected Hertz locations.


Vehicle Condition

Upon return, the car must be in the same condition as when it was rented. Failing which, the renter will be liable for the cost of restoring the vehicle to its original condition.



Any dissatisfaction on car rental services or disputes on charges must be brought to Hertz’s attention no later than 14 days from the date of completion of rental, otherwise services rendered as per Rental Agreement executed will be deemed conclusive.



To meet reservations after operating hours, Malaysia/State Public Holidays a fee of RM72 will be levied.


Restricted Entry

Hertz vehicles cannot be driven into Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia. Subsequently Hertz vehicles are prohibited from being loaded onto other modes of transportation via sea, river and air for usage from mainland to Langkawi, Tioman, Redang, Pangkor island etc.


Prohibited Odours

All items and goods discharging unpleasant odours are strictly forbidden from being carried in the vehicle (e.g. Durians, salted fish etc.). The renter will be liable to reimburse Hertz on demand for all costs of eliminating such odours, including the servicing of the whole air conditioner system and the loss of rental days to Hertz. Please be advised that smoking in Hertz vehicles is strictly prohibited.


Electric Vehicle (EV)

The renter is responsible for ensuring that the electric vehicle (EV) has the same charging level as it did when the renter collected the EV or at least 75% (whichever is lower). The battery status will be recorded before and after the rental period. The renter will be responsible for the recharging fees if they fail to follow, as these fees will be added to the renter's invoice or billed. If the renter returns the EV with critically low battery and the RV cannot be unlocked, the renter may be charged for the costs associated with gaining access to the EV and any resulting damages. If the cable is lost or damaged (other than fair wear and tear), the renter will be charged the replacement cost. This is excluded from the SLRO excess waiver/reduction (if available).