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Discover Reliable Car Leasing Services in Malaysia

Your One-Stop Mobility Solutions Tailored for Your Needs
Whether you're an individual seeking a long-term vehicle solution or a business in need of a reliable fleet, our leasing options are designed to cater to your unique requirements.
With unparalleled flexibility and convenience, you can choose the ideal leasing plan that aligns perfectly with your journey. Say goodbye to the burdens of vehicle ownership and hello to a seamless driving experience with Hertz Malaysia's Car Leasing Services.

Our leasing services is designed for customers looking to rent a car for extended periods, spanning two years or more.

Looking to rent for a shorter period? Click one of the links below to learn more about our Long-Term Rental or Short-Term Rental Services.

Long-Term Rental Services
Short-Term Rental Services
Making Car Leasing Easy
Hertz Malaysia is one of the market leaders in personal and business car leasing and fleet management solutions. Catering to both individuals and businesses, we are experienced in managing lease operations for large fleets of different vehicles for corporate clients. Whether its luxurious sedans, or electric cars (EV), you are sure to find a vehicle that suits your needs.
Why Choose Malaysia's No.1 Choice for Car Leasing?
Our lease solutions are efficient, cost-effective and complemented with expert advice by our lease consultants to cater to your needs. Everything is hassle-free so you can focus on commuting or running your business.
Malaysia's No. 1 Choice for Car Leasing. Here's Why:
NO Heavy Outlay
Say goodbye to full payments or hefty down payments. Hertz Car Leasing requires no large upfront expenses, making it easier on your budget.
ZERO Inflation
With Hertz Car Leasing, you won't be affected by inflation or depreciation on the vehicle. We cover the increased cost of spare parts, maintenance, and more.
Enjoy a streamlined experience with less paperwork and administrative expenses. Our comprehensive car leasing package covers vehicle cost, insurance, maintenance, and road tax.
New and Latest Model
Stay ahead with the latest technology, car specifications, and safety features. Hertz Leasing offers the opportunity to drive the newest and most advanced vehicle models, including electric cars (EV).
Replacement Cars
Your peace of mind matters to us. In case of a breakdown, accident, or servicing, we provide a replacement vehicle to always keep you on the move.
Telematic GPS-Based Technology
Experience real-time recording of vehicle usage data with our advanced Telematic GPS technology. Stay informed and in control throughout your leasing journey.
Experience the Freedom of Hertz Leasing
At Hertz Malaysia, we believe in delivering more than just a car - we provide a gateway to boundless opportunities. Experience the freedom of Hertz Leasing and embark on a journey where convenience, reliability, and value converge. Whether for personal or business use, our car leasing services redefine mobility on your terms.

Fill in the form below and get in touch with our leasing experts today and unlock the door to a world of unlimited possibilities.

Let's drive your aspirations together with Hertz Malaysia's Leasing Services.

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